Health and Safety Protocols


California State Childcare licensing has deemed childcare essential and a high priority for families. As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded the last couple of months, we’ve been following our licensing guidelines and learning from other experts. We now feel we have a plan to safely open under new procedures. We also consulted and will continue to monitor the California Childcare Licensing’s guidance and recommendations from LA County Public Health, California Public Health, and the CDC. We will adopt best practices in order to keep everyone safe. 

Based on recommendations and requirements from the CDC, State of California, LA County, and licensing authorities,there are several changes we will be making to our procedures, which are outlined below.  

Drop Off/Pick Up 

·      Only Carpool will be available for drop off and pick up. This means parents will not be allowed in the building.

·     Children will be screened before allowed entry to our program: 

·     We will take their temperature.

·      Must have a temperature less than 100.

·      No one in the family has traveled in the last 12 days.

·      No one in the family has been sick.

·      Everyone in the family has been responsible and practicing social-distancing.

·       Upon arrival and when leaving, teachers will have children wash their hands at the classrooms. 

·       Each Child will have their own sign-in sheet. (Please, bring your own pen)


Child Groupings

·       Teachers will reintroduce curriculum focused on reducing the spread of germs, in addition to supporting their social and emotional needs and supporting them in learning coping skills. 

·      No more than 10 children in one group.

·      Each child will have their own materials, i.e., markers, scissors, playdough, etc.

·      Toys:

o   Will be minimized and limited to items that are easy to clean. 

o   Best efforts to increase the number of popular toys available within a room to reduce sharing.

o   Toys will be cleaned after each use (and stored in specially designated bins).

O Physical Space will be reconfigured to offer visual cues in an effort to encourage social distancing.

o Tables marked to promote separation during meals and table top  activities.

o   Floors marked to support 6ft of separation in high traffic areas, such as bathrooms and sinks. 



Facility Changes

·      Guests 

o   Limited to essential personnel only.

o   Will be subject to the same health screening as all children and staff.

o   Will not have access to common use areas. 

·       Restrooms 

o   All restrooms will be wiped down after each use.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 

·       Staff

o   Staff are required to wear a mask at all times.

o   Wear gloves (like we always have) when handling: 

▪ Bodily fluids 

            ▪ Diaper changes, bathroom assistance 

▪ Food.

o   Hand Sanitizer available for staff (in areas not accessible to children).

        o  Staff who are ill will not be permitted to work until they meet licensing   guidelines to return to work.


· Children 

o   It is recommended that children wear masks whenever possible and when safe.

o   All personal items must be stored outside the classroom.


Toys, plush, etc. must be kept at home and not brought to school.