Our consistent daily routine helps children feel safe and secure. Children quickly internalize the predictable order of the day and know they will have opportunities to self select activities as well as one-on-one with a teacher and participate in teacher guided experiences in small and large groups.


We feel strongly that all children benefit from quality outdoor activities. That integration of outdoor and indoor programs creates a rich learning environment for young children.


The elements of the children's day in our programs include:


SMALL GROUP TIME: Children work daily as a member of a small group and with a teacher who tracks their development, interests and strengths. Hands-on activities are planned and led by the teacher using research based school readiness curriculum resources that bridge to kindergarten standards.


LARGE GROUP/CIRCLE TIME: Being a part of a larger community is something that takes a bit of practice for young children. Our large group/circle times include get to know you activities, movement, music, pretending games and physical fitness activities. In addition to the joy that comes from shared experiences, children build their ability to listen, express emotions and take turns.



We support children's ability to make plans, carry them out and reflect on them, a life skill that encourages critical thinking, initiative and self-reliance within the framework of the school community. Our teachers ask children to choose something they would like to do from among the many classroom options and then fully participate with them as they follow through with their ideas. They ask children questions and think with them about what is happening to help them to extend and expand their understanding and skill development. Review follows with a small group discussion of how the plans went, what they discovered and possible next steps. 



Making a connection to natural surroundings and engaging in physical activity with playful and attentive teachers happens daily in our programs. Children are explorers in this environment, as well as movers, climbers and riders. They also can act out dramatic play situations they have experienced. We believe that anything that can be done indoors can also be done outdoors. We have two beautiful yards that the children enjoy. In addition, the children tend to our vegetable garden and love harvesting and tasting the foods they have grown.