At The David Preschool, we introduce Jewish culture through music, stories, art and cooking. Every Friday we bake challah, 'light' the candles and enjoy singing the Shabbat blessings. We always look forward to Story Time with Rabbi Schuldenfrei and his beloved puppet, Rabbi Schuldenfrei, Jr.

The preschoolers joyfully celebrate all of the Jewish and American holidays. Highlights include our Thanksgiving Feast, Chanukah Pajamikah Concert, Dressing Up Like Presidents Washington and Lincoln, Purim Costume Parade, 'Once Upon a Passover' (our play starring preschool parents), Tu B'shvat/Earth Day Vegetable Garden and more.

In keeping with our motto of Habits of Heart and Mind, we focus on good values, such as caring for each other, our families and community. We engage in activities that foster respect for parents and teachers, friends and animals, as well as the world around us.

The David Preschool is a science based program, fostering early childhood development through experience-based learning. Each day we intentionally cultivate kindness, caring, and respect for our world and those around us.


We help your children build skills and excitement for learning.

Children develop logic with blocks, clay, sand, water and other materials. They begin to learn scientific concepts such as cause and effect and mathematical concepts such as quantity, classification and ordering. We experiment with blocks to figure out how to build a stable structure. This practice in experimentation, observation and work with shapes, sizes and quantities forms the basis for understanding math and science and higher-order thinking in all subjects.


Self-regulation and social negotiation is developed as the children interact with each other. They learn to negotiate the sharing of materials and plan during imaginative play. This builds concepts and skills in cooperating, promoting one’s own ideas and listening to others, handling frustration and empathizing with others.


Children plan dramatic play together, negotiating over roles and situations and learn to build compassion and empathy for one another.


Children at The David Preschool are encouraged to question, discover, explore, create, and play through the following activities:


  • outdoor classroom/ nature exploration

  • exploring the scientific process

  • gardening and cooking

  • pre-literacy

  • storytelling and creative writing

  • pre-math skills

  • music and art

  • Jewish discovery

  • skill-based learning

  • critical thinking

  • mindful awareness

  • sports and movement

  • Kindergarten readiness


Additional afternoon enrichment classes are also offered. Check out our enrichment page!