The David Preschool offers a science-based program where children are encouraged to think and explore in a nurturing environment that teaches Jewish values.


We offer an excellent student-teacher ratio, flexible schedules and a program which works toward kindergarten-readiness based upon the philosophies of Piaget, Dewey, Vygotzky and Adler.  Each week the children experience art, music, pre-math and pre-literacy activities, cooking, "Mad Science", yoga/movement, as well as gardening, engineering and water play in our Outdoor Classroom.


These approaches share some key beliefs:


  • Children are inherently competent;

  • Children learn best through rich hands-on experiences;

  • Learning is deepend when co-constructed with peers and knowledgeable adults as guide.


Our curriculum covers the concept of making a hypothesis, learning from our hypothesis, using real scientific terms and using real equipment. Topics include nature observations, thoughts on observing change, migration and hibernation, matter (what is a solid, liquid and a gas) and how things can transform from one to another, the rain cycle, the solar system, base and acids, the growth cycle from seeds to plants/food, seasons, weather and more!


The David Preschool is also in the process of becoming a

Cal-Tech Outdoor Classroom Project Demonstrations and Recognized Site.




Our centers are disigned to invite children to actively explore, and tap into the diverse interests and learning profiles of the children in each class. Our classrooms are light, bright and vissually appealling. Materials are accessible to the children to support independence and self-help skills.



Moving from preschool to kindergarten is a big milestone for children and families. Because of our partnerships with local public and private schools, we plan visits and information exchanges to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our teachers work closely with families to identify each child's readiness profile and offer at home activities that families can do to support the learning at home.